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Amusement park rides offer a parallel to life, with riders experiencing impossible highs and gut-clenching lows.

Moving through life, we sometimes are stuck at one extreme or the other. When things are going well, it may feel like you'll never find yourself down again. And when you are suffering a long stretch  of lows, likewise you think it maynever end.

Balance is the ideal. but achieving it is not easy. Ideally, one would enjoy enough highs to offset the lows.



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Episode 89: Curses!




All of my adult life, I have been cursed with the inability to open plastic bags, particularly those used for produce.


I will stand at a counter displaying, say, beans. I will pull a bag off the roll, trying to snap it where the perforated line is, only to have the snap fade to an ugly pull. The bag hangs limply, and I grind my teeth while trying to separate the two bags. Eventually I yank them apart.


It gets worse.




Copyright by Kristin Lindstrom
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